30-60M 8 inch LCD Inspection camera with PT camera
Model No.:W3-CMP3388-PT
Picture Gallery
* Ø50mm Pan & Tilt camera head, rotation endless (slip ring)
* Ø7mm x 60m fiberglass cable with meter counter                            
* Recording pause function                                                                      
* Widely used in industrial pipelines, underground drian / sewer inspections, water course study, etc.
* PT camera Joystick
* 128G solid state drive & USB device
* Keyboard real time typewriting
* USB Port connecting to PC
* Video input jack 3 options
* Microphone Audio recording button
* Audio/Video output jack
* 8800mA rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack
* Battery level indicator
* Fiberglass push rod cable with meter counter
* Cable diameter Ø7mm
* Cable length 30m-60m optional
* Camera size Ø50mm x 154mm, sensor 1/4" Color 700TVL
* Waterproof IP68 up to 10 bar
* View range 120°
* Rotation: Pan 360°, Tilt 180°
* lens position automatic reset
* Slip coupling for rotation axle
* 6pcs high light LED lighting adjustable
* Detachable with pins type connection to Cable Reel
* Lens window sapphire glass 
Video switch knob l         CAM 1 video input
l         CAM 2 for rotate video input
l         Video for BNC or RCA video input
On/off switch knob l         Charge:indicating charging status
l         OFF:turn off the control kit power
l         AV: directly video signal
l         DVR: recording playback and other function
Battery/Charge knob Switch battery/charge button
Camera LED Dimmer Variable control on middle panel to adjust 
Brightness of camera LED
Microphone Operation Push the button the microphone icon appear
On status bar on LED screen when active
PT Joystick Control  Up/down/left/right joystick control
Keyboard Splash proof keyboard
Sockets and Port  Function
CAM 1 Ф16mm/Ф23mm/Ф29mm Camera head 4 core Signal input
CAM2 PT Pan/tilt camera 
VIDEO IN RCA/BNC video input
AUDIO OUT Audio signal output 
VIDEO OUT Video signal output
DC power 12V 1pin male circular sock for DC power
Battery Indicators Show the capacity of the battery
PC port Connect with the computer
USB port Connect with USB flash Disk
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