4th Generation Max 800M 720P/960P/1080P 4CH HD PLC Wireless NVR Kit
Model No.:W3-KD2004PLC
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* 4th Generation PLC technology with Max 800M transmision distance 

* HD IP Cameras + Full 1080P NVR

* P2P Cloud Service, Plug & Play

* 720P/1080P HD Real-time      

* Remote View & Control, Anywhere, anytime.   

* Motion Detection with Email Alert   

* Day & Night Monitoring with IR-cut Auto Switch

* Support Android Mobile, Tablets, iPhone, iPad

1. Introduction of Power Line Network Surveillance Kit

Power Line Network Camera referred electricity camera surveillance system is the high-speed power line carrier (PLC) technology and streaming video technology. This system consist of one or more camera (each camera has a separate IP address) without the need for a separate laying of video cable and network cable. The system is available to connect monitoring through the LAN. DSL.

2. Main features

1) Without laying video cable and network cable (also not  necessary to add a wireless network router) as long as our products (electricity) can transmit video, audio, PTZ control signals.

2) The installation of a simple plug-and-play, 100V-240V power line will be able to work properly.

3) Far transmission distance: up to 600 m.

4) Easy installation: Without the need for a professional technician, anyone can install by themselves.

5) Same video picture quality with HD network cameras.

6) Less cables and less time for installation. Lower labor cost.

7) Same functions like HD network cameras.

8)  4TH generation PLC technology, much better than similar products in the market with the transmission distance of 800M 

3. Package included:

4-Channel kit:                               8-Channel kit:

1 X All-in-one PLC NVR;               1 X All-in-one PLC NVR;

4 X HD PLC cameras;                   8 X HD PLC cameras;

1 X Power Line;                            1 X Power Line;

1 X Disk;                                       1 X Disk;

1 X Mouse;                                   1 X Mouse;

4. Installation:


1) Install the PLC cameras and just plug-and-play.


2) Put PLC all-in-one NVR in Monitoring Room and just plug-and-play.

4TH generation PLC connector, more convenient to use:


Take care of the installation because this power line network product is high voltage products ( from 100V to 240V ).

PLC Zoom Camera & PLC PTZ camera optional

6.Product Application Laying Diagram:


This power line network surveillance system can be work properly under same electricity meter and air switch. If power line cameras are
under different electricity meters and/or air switches that could cause no video signals.

Resolution Optional:

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