850nm 70-220m viewing distance IR Illuminator
Model No.:W3-IRI3F12
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Main Description & Features :

Accurate constant driver circuit develops excellent performance of LED;

Dot matrix super power LED brings high efficacy, low light decay and long service life;

More energy saving by power factor correction, PF: 0.9-0.98;

IP66 waterproof and -40 to +55 working temperature;

Specification :
Model Number  W3-IRI3F12
Quantity of LED 12PCS 2W High Power LED 
Wavelength 850nm/940nm
Bean Angle  15°/30°/45°/60°/90°
Viewing Distance 240~110m 
Power Factor >0.95
Day/night Switch Auto 
Working Voltage AC110-220V/AC24V/DC12V
Power consumption  24W 
Wire If 12VDC/24VAC 45cm(1.4 ft.) 
Plug  AC110-220V (standard), other voltage optional
Panel  Tempered glass panel 
Housing  Aluminum Die Casting Housing
Bracket  Mount bracket 
Working temperature -20°C TO +50°C (-50°C TO +50°C with heater)
Protection Level IP66
Color  Gray
N.W 1.4KG  
G.W 1.7KG 
Dimension  135*110*91mm

Packing Dimension 180*190*135mm

Model For Selection : 

Model Bean Angle Viewing distance
W3-IRI3F12-15 15° 240m 
W3-IRI3F12-30 30° 210m 
W3-IRI3F12-45 45° 180m 
W3-IRI3F12-60 60° 150m 
W3-IRI3F12-90 90° 120m

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